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JN Productions provides the highest international standard of Field/Production services as well as excellent journalism for national and international outlets




Founder/ Emmy Award Winning International Journalist/ Field Producer/ Camera Operator

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Yolanda Morales

Journalist & Emmy Nominee/ Reporter/ Producer/ Partner 

Yolanda has been a partner with Founder, Jorge Nieto since 2011 where they have worked together  collaborating on freelance projects and since JN Productions has been in operation, Yolanda has been fundamental to the success of JN Productions.


Yolanda is a highly sought after and renowned Journalist and was nominated for an Emmy in 2020 for her work on the story Muslims Come to Pray at the Wall (Musulmanes llegan a orar al muro) with KSDY Channel 50.  Yolanda is recognised for her coverage of topics relating to migration, gender perspectives and the arts and has more than 18 years of experience in migration and cultural issues on the northern border of Mexico. Yolanda regularly participates in workshops within Mexico and the US related to Journalism.

From 2002 to date, Yolanda has been a producer for the morning show Hola Californias on Síntesis TV. Yolanda also collaborates frequently with the San Diego Union Tribune and is a correspondent for IMAGEN Tv in Baja California. Since  2021, Yolanda has been part of Opinion 51 ( the only exclusive platform for women in Mexico where they share opinions and editorials). Since February 2022 Yolanda has collaborated with NEXOS and since 2019 she has been responsible for public relations in the north of Mexico for the publisher Penguin Random House.  Yolanda (writer) and Andrea Chavarín (illustrator) are the creators of the fictional Señorita Lechuga and very well known feminist character across North, Central and South America.They also  have a regular podcast for Señorita Lechuga. 

Yolanda studied Communication Sciences at the University of the Americas-Puebla and went on to be a Fellow of the PRENDE Foundation at the UIA-Santa Fe with a specialty in Human Rights. Yolanda was also a fellow of the FNPI in Santiago de Chile with a specialty in Cultural Journalism.

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Julio Vázquez

Senior Camera Operator/ Field Producer/ Fixer/ Editor/ Graphics/ Design 

Julio is well known as an excellent Camera Operator and Video Editor with his quality of work meeting the standards required for international journalism, videography and film making.


Julio plays a fundamental role at JN Productions for his Senior Camera Operations work for national and international media and for his work as a Fixer for international organisations. Julio provides the highest calibre of work in relation to his design and graphics which is invaluable for JN Productions. 


Julio is qualified with a degree in communication from the Autonomous University of Baja California. Since he began his work in the field of audiovisual production he has been sought after to collaborate with companies such as Televisa, Badabun Network, Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente. He has undertaken important projects for brands such as Coca Cola Mx and Charly Fútbol plus many more.


Julio has been imperative in understanding the quality of workmanship required for producing news for national and international organsiations and has been fundamental to JN Productions for his Camera Operator and Editorial work for Telemundo, Reuters and Imagen Televisión. Julio is also skilled in photography and graphic design.  

Osvaldo Samaniego 
Reporter/ Camera Operator/ Field Producer/ Fixer/ Editor   
Osvaldo is an experienced Reporter, Camera  Operator, Field Producer, Fixer and Editor. Osvaldo has 14 years experience working in media industry.

Osvaldo is a passionate Reporter with a particular interest in covering stories about migration and sports. Osvaldo has an excellent understanding of the geographical area of the border region of Mexico and a good understanding of the geopolitical issues affecting the region having lived in Baja California since infancy after moving from Senora with his family when he was 3 months old..
and the geopolitical region he also is an exceptional addition to the JN Productions team.

Osvaldo views that some of the most important events that have affected his life in relation to his work has been covering the lives of some migrants as well as stories relating to the opening of the Mexico-United States border, as well as narrating a soccer match between Xolos against Boca Juniors at the Caliente Stadium. 

Osvaldo is a proud father of two daughters and enjoys his work as a media professional.


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Omar Martínez
Award winning Photojournalist / Photographer
Omar is a highly distinguished and recognised photojournalist/ photographer who has collaborated with local, national and international media has participated in more than 20 collective and individual exhibitions.

Omar has received the following recognition for his work:

- In 2020 Omar won first place in the Baja California journalism contest organized by The San Diego Union Tribune and The Center for United States-Mexico Studies.
- Omar's work on "The odyssey lived in Mexico" of the thousands of Central American migrants who were part of the migrant caravan was exhibited at the Nubuke Foundation, in Ghana, Africa, (2019).

- His work was part of "Behind the Wall", photographic exhibition that shows the reality of the migratory phenomenon presented at the Book Festival in Medellín, Colombia (2014).
- Omar received an Honorable Mention from the Inter-American Press Association (2013) for his work "Tratantes de Tijuana", which was carried out in the city of Tijuana and with which he obtained an Honorable Mention from the Inter-American Press Association (2013).
- "
Images of a city like any other" was Omar's  first individual exhibition held at the Tijuana Cultural Center (2013).
- Omar won the YoungAward for "Black Work" (2008)
- Omars work was highlighted at the V National Biennial of Photojournalism 2001-2002 in which he won the Young Photographer Award; Occasional Relatives (2008); and Black Work (2008).
- His work is part of the permanent collection of the Athenaeum Museum in California.
- Omar collaborated with Greenpeace in the international campaign called "In defense of our oceans" (2006).

Omar is currently a correspondent in Tijuana for the Cuartoscuro Agency and is a valuable member of JN Productions. 

Arturo Pichardo 
Accredited Translator/ Fixer/ Field Producer / Head of Transport 
With both an intimate knowledge of the journalist world as well as possessing an exceptional understanding of the geographical area between the border of Mexico and the USA as well as his skills and expertise in transport, logistics, translations and field production along with his exceptional communication skills makes Arturo a fundamental and highly valued member of the JN Productions team to meet the needs of international and national clientele.

Arturo's career highlights as a Field Producer/Fixer/Head of Transportation and Logistics has been assisting in projects for Pulitzer Prize winner from Reuters as well as for Al Jazeera, BBC News, Alaraby TV, CBS News and many independent journalists.

Arturo is also a brilliant communicator and an Accredited Translator (with an ability to fluently speak in Spanish and English) and helps JN Productions clientele feel at ease. A highlight for Arturo has been translating for IWMD/ International Women's Media Foundation and VPRO.  

Arturo is a Certified First Responder and has taken the "Survival of Harsh Environments with Journalists" twice to sharpen his skills. 

Arturo has a sharp business acumen and operates his  successful Tours and Transportation company in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Arturo comes from a Journalist family and one could say it is therefore also in his blood. He was born and raised in Tijuana and was the son of a Journalist, Photographer and Radio Talk Show host where he spent the majority of his childhood at the news headquarters with his father or chasing his news with his father around the city. Arturo learnt by default many skills that serve him today through his father (how journalists in the 80's and 90's had to fish for their story as there was not the commodity of the internet or file sharing).

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Sophia Anderssen  
Legal / Compliance / Business Development
Sophia is a Lawyer and works behind the scenes for JN Productions taking care of contracts, contract and project compliance and business development. 

Sophia lived in Mexico and volunteered at migrant shelters and was part of projects to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. 
Sophia's combination of her legal and business skills as well as her passion for human rights and an understanding of the specific projects on the Mexico/USA border make her a valued member of JN Productions.

Sophia is qualified with a Graduate Diploma in Law, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Business, Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming, Policy and Analysis, is admitted as a Lawyer in Queensland by the Supreme Court of Queensland, and is a Solicitor of the High Court of Australia.  

Sophia's works as a Lawyer in
 family law, domestic violence, conveyancing, wills and estates and has a passion for fighting for the rights of vulnerable people.

Between 2020 to 2022, Sophia was a Director and Board Member of the Not for Profit, The Welcome Dinner Project and also was Company Secretary for part of this time. Furthermore, Sophia was part of the National Coordination team. Prior to law Sophia worked in human resources, business coaching, recruitment and as a volunteer Accredited Telephone Counsellor. In 2014 Sophia set up Wild Horses Women’s Wellness & Empowerment and trained women in domestic violence prevention and women’s rights in Australia and Mexico.

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