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JN Productions provides the highest international standard of Field/Production /Journalism services at the border between Mexico and the USA . 

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We have developed a reputation for meeting and exceeding international fixing/ field production standards. We make the process from the intial contact to the final result seamless and provide a prompt, organised, efficient, safe and effective fixing/ field production service. 

What we offer:

  • Highly experienced  internationally recognised, professional and award-winning Field Producers/ Journalists/ Photojournalists/ Photographers/ Camera Operators/ Videographers / Editors/ Design / Translation/ Transport / Logistics to assist you with your project

  • Located in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Bilingual team (spanish/english)

  • We do our best to organise all aspects of the field production so the project runs as smoothly as possible. 

  • We plan, discuss and coordinate with clients their itinerary in advance and create a professional itinerary prior to the project commencing.

  • We coordinate and create appointments, organise permits and special permissions and provide transparent information about this prior to commencing the project.

  • We help organise accommodation and our transport and logistics team members make sure teams are able to be transported safely to each destination. 

  • We can provide camera operators with our own equipment and provide drone filming, organise translators and logistics/transport.

  • We are upfront about the time and costs for both pre and production in our quote.

  • We communicate clearly, honestly and promptly.

  • We provide clear quotes in advance to accepting work and require quotes to be accepted prior to commencing work.

  • We provide professional invoices at the completion of work. 

  • We provide honest information about our limitations and have a network of referrals to pass you onto if we are unable to take on your job or we require to co-coordinate with other field producers/fixers in other areas or states. 

  • We will also happily show you the best taco/tamales/burrito spots in town and point out other locations of interest for you to enjoy.


Please note- We have capacity to work in hostile areas and sometimes in dangerous situations however, we take our professional and ethical duties and responsibilities for  both our clients and our team seriously. This means we will take the time to discuss your project in-depth to understand your objectives/timeframes and the purpose before we take on your project. We prioritize protecting our team and our clients if after conducting a risk assessment, we decide that the risks outweigh the benefit, we will be upfront about this to you. 


JN Productions journalist team comprises of international award-winning International Journalists, Camera Operators and Video Editors

JN Productions provides breaking and daily news stories  for US & Mexican news outlets & agencies such as Reuters, Imagen Television, Telemundo, Border, Estrella TV, LA Times en Espanol, Sintesis TV, CBS8 and other networks. 


  • Films

  • International Documentaries

  • International Media Outlets and National Media outlets for special coverage stories and news programs

  • Photographers (street or professional set up)

  • Commercial projects 

  • Corporate Videos

  • Feature Films

  • Online Videos

  • TV Shoots

  • Destination/Hotel Videos

  • Street or Studio setup 




JN Productions team comprises of professional, distinguished, respected and award-winning International Journalists, Photojournalists, Camera Operators, Field Producers, Camera Operators, Transportation and Logistics. 


JN Productions are sought after by foreign networks and international organisations as well as freelancers for their Field Production/Fixer work as they consistently provide the highest standard and quality of work for their international clientele. JN Productions aim is to not just meet the needs and requirements of their clientele but to extend their expectations and now have a number of regular, repeat international clients who use their services because of this.  


Our clients are from international organisations, media outlets and freelancers from USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Egypt, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


A recent highlight, is working with Hope Productions (a French production company of documentary and institutional films, created by Yann Arthus Bertrand) for an important project. 

JN Productions provides news stories  for US & Mexican news outlets & agencies such as Reuters, Imagen Television, Telemundo, Border, Estrella TV, LA Times en Espanol, Sintesis TV and other networks.


Conveniently located in Tijuana, Mexico JN Productions is available to meet all your field production/fixing/journalist/commercial videography needs.

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